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Summer at the Gwandhaus-Wiesn

Summer, sun, Gwandhaus-Wiesn.

The sun is shining, the weather is good, it is summer. Finally summer in Salzburg. Not only on the calendar, also feeling-wise.

Unfortunately we have to start the summer season with the little Lady’s first children disease and so we are forced to stay in our garden. Without contact to any other kids. I don’t need to tell you how boring that is… do I?

But mommy is getting ready and starts planing our next summer trips within Salzburg. There are many nice ones!

Like for example – just re-discovered and fallen in love with:

The Gwandhaus-Wiesn

[the meadow at the Goessl Gwandhaus in Morzg]

No chichi, no children-entertainment. „Only“ a wonderful meadow, pure nature, a few sun chairs (for mommy & daddy) and a breathtaking view to the Untersberg. What else do you need? The feeling to dance on the grass barefoot at it’s best. I love it, I love it!

And sometimes, that is all you need. Sometimes exactly that are those moments that make you happy.

Maybe that is what kids should also do from time to time? Finding games, discover new games or invent their own games?

The Gwandhaus  is located between the Morzger Straße and the Hellbrunner Allee, so perfect to take the bike or a nice long walk from the city center. Going by bike it may take you 15 min, from Park Hellbrunn about 10 min.

Originally there was a  fancy restaurant at the Gwandhaus, but in the meantime you find a lovely cosy „Greisslerei“ there. [Greisslerei: old Austrian word for corner store]

Die Greisslerei de Merin

In that small friendly deli you can get snacks, salads, cakes, coffee, tea, Aperol-Sprizz and much more. Important to say that the products are regional and fresh. They do offer lots of nice products from Styria (my home!)  There is table service for the deli and the „Gastgarden“, if you have chosen to sit in the grass, please take your drinks at the counter. Sitting in the sun chair, having a glass of Aperol…. what a holiday feeling.

Gwandhaus Gänseblümchen Sonnenschein


Perefect conditions for a wonderful afternoon!

Attention: The sun chairs are super popular, be fast or bring your picnic blanket.

Good to know: Diaper changing tables at the restroom area.

How to get to the Gwandhaus

We take the bike, because that is already a highlight for the little Lady.

Mama, Ling-Ling!

Mama, Ling-Ling!

The park is just so wonderful, she can run and play around. Very often we meet other families, and as you know kids are much more open to new things and have this natural kind of networking. So the kids are happy. And mom is happy to. With a nice glas of Aperol Sprizz for example.

In case that is not enough action for you and your kids, further down the Hellbrunner Allee you can find the big playgournd of Park  Hellbrunn.

Here you find this post in GERMAN.

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