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Breakfast with a toddler: Glüxfall

The Café Glüxfall is one of my favorite places to have a decent breakfast with style in Salzburg, even with your toddler.

Gluexfall Fruehstueck mit Kind6

Delicious Breakfast Choice

Some time ago my little daughter „das kleine Fräulein“, her daddy and I went out for a nice breakfast. I must say, that does not happen so very often anymore, since we became parents. But from now and then… hey… it happens! Okay, we had some support from Santa Claus, he put two vouchers underneath the Christmas tree!! And then there it was: a free week end. A week end without appointments, without events. They are random in a #workingandbloggingmom’s life, but seems, they still exist. The weather was fine, the sun was shining, so we did it: We had breakfast in a trendy coffeeshop with our toddler.

Breakfast at Glüxfall

(coming from the word Glücksfall: meaning lucky moment)

Gluexfall Fruehstueck mit Kind 2

Even before I became a mom, the Glüxfall was one of my favorite newcomer places downtown Salzburg. The location, the concept, the owners and the quality of food and service… everything is amazing. And the highlight: the inner courtyard.

To be honest, I would not call the Glüxfall a typical family place, but I can call it really familyfriendly. Especially when the weather is good and you can use the inner courtyard. Inside it is a bit tight maybe…

Gluexfall Fruehstueck mit Kind3

Choose your favorite!

We had the Genießer Frühstück, that includes a bit of everything. And it was delicious, also the kleine Fräulein liked it a lot.

Gluexfall Fruehstueck mit Kind 9

Additional for kids you can get the kid’s hot chocolate which comes in a themed cup with a straw and not too hot, so ideal for little ones, hair chair available and colored pens with a book. The only thing that is missing is the baby’s changing table. But I am sure you will have your own solution….

Gluexfall Fruehstueck mit Kind5

So, if you look for a nice place to have a super nice breakfast experience WITH your kids, I heartily can recommend the Glüxfall. Try to get a table in the „Gastgarten“ in the inner courtyard, though.

Gluexfall Fruehstueck mit Kind4

Find this post originally written in German here: Glüxfall: Frühstück mit Kind

Where it is located, the Glüxfall:

Franz-Josef-Kai 11, 5020 Salzburg

Opening Hours:

Wednesday – Saturday 09 am to midnight
Sunday 9 am to 4 pm

P.S.: The Glüxfall is also nice for lunch or afternoon coffee. Please try the Tarte flambée