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Unusual indoor playground ideas – Salzburg


Spring is knocking on the door and we all are looking forward to spend time outside and enjoy the fun in the sun! Well, but let’s face the truth, Mamas! We are living in Salzburg. And that means we always need to have a plan B… the bad weather option….!

During the last month, my little girl (das kleine Fräulein) and I did a lot of research and I am happy to share that with you today: Unusual indoor playground ideas for kids in Salzburg!

The City Library in Lehen

(Stadtbibliothek in Lehen)

One of my mommy-friends told me about this insider’s tip, and it is so cool that I have to spread it out loud! The new city library in Lehen is great. You will finde a kid’s corner there. It is bright and there is a lot of space to read, play or relax. The books are stored in nice, low boxes, easy accessible for the little one. So they can wander around and discover a lot of things. Have a seat in one of the super comfortable beanbags or chairs and find your own adventure in one of hundreds of books. Read, dream, drift away. Books have their own magic and can take you and your kids on a one-kind journey!

In the city library you find books for every age and as well in different languages! Have a look in the international corner.

Or just let your Minis play with the stuffed animals underneath the stairs.

And the best: Register for free and borrow the books you and the kids like, for free! Yes, you can keep them up to one month. A great opportunity to discover new books before buying them.

The library in Lehen: far more than just a indoor playground.


Mc Arthur Glenn Shopping-Outlet Mall

What?!? The Outlet Mall close to the Airport? Shopping with kids? You must be kidding? No, I am not, but I am not talking about shopping either… There is different things to do!

For 2 Euros you can get a card at the information desk to rent one of those outlet cars and cruise through the long and wide aisles of the mall. Also get a balloon for your Mini, can be useful, too, if your little one decides to take a break.

Another attraction in the mall is the long sleigh in Intersport Bründl. Stop there and have some fun and explore! Once, twice,…


Mc Arthur Glenn Outlet Mall, another kind of adventure park and for sure an unusual indoor playground for kids in Salzburg.

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