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Welcome to Salzburg!

Hello and welcome to SALZBURG,

dear all non-German-speaking mommies, visitors, and expats!

I have great news for you: Gänseblümchen & Sonnenschein is going English. Not totally, but partly.


As I know from my own experience, it is not easy to come to a new city, it is even harder to come to Salzburg, and I think the hardest is: not to speak German and come to a new city called Salzburg. 

In the past few weeks I have met so many wonderful international Mamas & Papas and I noticed, „Oh my gosh, they cannot read my blog!“ Funnywise I never thought about this option before…

So I did some research and I found that there is not too a lot of information online, about what you can do with your kids in and around Salzburg either.

Let’s speak English, Mommies!

So, since it is not easy in a new city anyway, especially if you do not speak the native language, I decided to make a new section on my blog. And therefore I decided to make all my Salzburg-relevant posts bi-lingual. (Step by step – so please : Patience!)

I am afraid it will take some time until I finish translating all existing posts, but in the future I will publish all about Salzburg in English & German.

I hope you enjoy it and get some ideas about our lovely city and the beautiful surroundings, including my personal recommendations about perfect places for:

Walking&Hiking, Swim&Sun, Playgrounds, Shopping&Enjoying, Eat&Drink for Mommies, Daddies & Kids.

If you have any ideas, questions or requests, do not hesitate and let us know:

All the best and stay tuned,


Gänseblümchen & Sonnenschein in New York

We speak English, Baby! Not only in NYC 😉

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